It’s My Shout Documentaries For BBC Wales

What  we’re looking for…

  • Talented Producer/Directors with origial pitches
  • Three 10-minute documentaries to be made for BBC Wales
  • Diverse stories reflecting Wales
  • Emerging film makers with a fresh view of Wales

Who can apply?

  • Anyone can apply this is an open call. But we recommend people with a passion for non-fiction story telling apply, if fiction is more your style check out our crew call out for our 10 minute shorts here.

What’s the process?

  • You can apply online using the form below
  • You need to tell us about yourself and your experience
  • You will need to provide a relevant CV and show reel (if available)
  • Most importantly you must provide a 500 word pitch for your documentary idea!

Who are we looking for?

  • You need to be passionate
  • You need an original idea
  • You need to show that you can lead and motivated a team

How will I be supported?

  • You will have experienced mentors guiding you through the process
  • You will be given a budget
  • You will have professional post-production facilities
  • You will be able to recruit a team that will help you to create your documentary

Why should I get involved?

  • You will gain vital knowledge and experience within factual entertainment!
  • You will gain a BBC broadcast credit
  • Your film will be on BBC iPlayer