Films 2019

 Below you can find our latest series of short films currently on BBC iPlayer!
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She’s | Okay –

Directed by : Alun Morgan
Produced by : Jaye L Swift
Written by : Jonathan Phillips

Synopsis : Zack, a lonely, troubled boy, is on the slippery slope towards a life of crime, until Tony, a former con himself, helps turn Zack’s life around with a few simple words of wisdom.

BBC iPlayer Link : She’s Okay – BBC iPlayer
Youtube Link : Coming Soon


Random Shuffle- 2019

Directed by : Duncan Hallis
Produced by : Rosie Ford
Written by : Paul Mackay

Synopsis : Ray finds himself stuck in a dead-end office job, with an overbearing boss and heaps of unwanted paperwork, with only his music and love interest to get him through the day.

BBC iPlayer Link : Random Shuffle – BBC iPlayer
Youtube Link : Coming Soon