The scheme is open to all talents and will enable you to develop your skills in writing. Throughout the process you’ll be supported by experienced industry professionals. You will learn how to develop your ideas into lively and engaging stories.

If your script is chosen you will attend script development meetings/workshops which will cover structure, characterisation, dialogue, point of view, style and help you to develop, sustain and end a story. We encourage applicants to develop their practice as a writer by learning how to revise and edit their own work.


Here at It’s My Shout we consider every application for entry. We welcome applications from a range of different people who have a range of different experiences and qualifications in Welsh or Creative writing. Even if this is something you have never tried before, we want to hear your ideas!

We encourage anyone and everyone who is interesting in writing to submit a script!

What you need to do

To apply please complete and submit an application on our website. The application form can be found by following this link. When uploading your script we ask the file type is PDF (although docs are also acceptable).

What happens next

The team at It’s My Shout will read your application and If your script proves promising you will be shortlisted for further deliberation. We will then inform you after deliberation if you have been successful. The  Welsh Langauge script deadline is April 27th, 2018.

Please note the application deadline for the English Language script submissions was March 31st, 2018, please be aware that any English Language scripts submitted after this date will not be considered.

Good Luck!


Enter your Script