Please be aware that submissions for 2020 have now closed. 

The scheme is open to all talents and will enable you to develop your skills in writing. Throughout the process you’ll be supported by experienced industry screenwriters. You will learn how to develop your ideas into a lively and engaging screenplay.

If your idea is chosen you will attend script development meetings/workshops which will cover all aspects of screenwriting, to help you develop your idea into the very best script it can be!

We are doing things a little differently this year and so, for the first time, we’re asking you to submit a PITCH, rather than a fully formed script. We’re doing this because:

  • We want to open It’s My Shout up to everyone, rather than only those who have experience in script writing. This isn’t to say that we’ll be favouring newer writers, it just makes the playing field more level.
  • If we’re involved from the very beginning, we can help you build your script from the idea up, and help you to make it as successful, individual and accomplished as it can be.
  • We can give you the full experience of the process of working with a script editor and development team from concept to shooting script. Something more like real TV and film development.



What do we want from you?

  1. An A4 page pitch. The pitch will tell us about about your idea, what the journey might be, who your main character is and what the point of the story is.
  2. We want you to tell us why you want to write this script, what would it mean to you? How could it being made into a short film help your career or studies?
  3. Bold, original and fresh stories. We want authentic voices from all parts of Wales – it doesn’t matter if you’re a 23 year old student from Cardiff or a 60 something receptionist from Colwyn Bay – we’re interested in you and your ideas.


What we don’t want from you:

  1. Anything longer than two sides of A4. We get hundreds of submissions and reading them can be time consuming. Please stick to the brief.
  2. What you think we want. Instead of writing what you think we’ll be looking for write something which interests you, something you’re passionate about.
  3. An idea or story which you are not willing to work on and change. One of the most amazing parts of making a short film is the collaborative working style – we want to work with people who are committed to working hard on their idea.

Applications are open to any writer who is either Welsh, or is currently residing in Wales.

All pitches should be submitted as a PDF file.


What happens next

The team at It’s My Shout will read your application and, if your pitch proves promising, you will be shortlisted for further consideration. We will be in touch to inform all applicants whether or not their idea has been chosen for further consideration.

Please be aware that submissions for 2020 have now closed. 

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